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We believe that every woman deserves to feel empowered and balanced. That’s why Sara Childers Nutrition offers functional lab testing + 12-week coaching programs designed to help women achieve optimal hormonal balance. Our focus extends to serving the entire family, with private coaching services and specialized MyOR Care services to prevent potential allergies in pregnant women and their babies.



if you...

Struggle to lose weight.

Have a hormone related disorder (PCOS, Endometriosis, etc)

Simply want to enjoy your life and get healthier without feeling overwhelmed

Struggle to have energy during the day

Struggle to lose weight.

Are constantly struggling with bloating + comfort

You want you + your family to be healthier but the information circulating around the internet is too hard to sort through

If you answered "yes!" to any of those questions, we are a perfect match! Let's work together!

1:1 Coaching



Do you accept insurance?

Yes! I accept insurance when you book an appointment with me through Fay Nutrition! Here you can see if insurance will cover your appointment and you can book an appointment with me. 

How many weeks do you work with me?

For best results, 10-15 weeks of weekly appointments will give you the best results. Especially for weight loss patients! 

What is it like to work with me?

Together, we will meet and set small, achievable goals for you to work on weekly. We will have weekly check-ins where we troubleshoot, meal plan, do weigh-ins, and much more! We keep up with each other on the Healthie platform, where I can message, video call, and share hand-outs and resources with you. 

Where do you meet with clients?

Primarily, I meet with clients through Zoom on the Healthie platform, but I also meet with clients in person per client's request depending on location.

Do you require physician referrals?

No I do not! I accept referrals from physicians, but it is not required to make an appointment.

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