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3 Major Ways Castor Oil Can Help to Improve Your Health

The other day, I was reading some material on functional medicine and the pre-cursers to disease. These precursors were really inadequacies. Malfunctions, if you will, within the body. Those three dysfunctions were: poor detoxication, poor gut health (or leaky gut, health practitioners call it), and hormonal imbalances. You have likely heard about at least of these dysfunctions being talked about in the media recently, at they are hot topics in diet culture and social media.

One of the reasons that I am hopeful about these underlying conditions being so popular is that I think some people are truly starting to see that root cause approaches work. That primary prevention of disease is our strongest asset.

With that, I think it is important to support your body in every way possible when it comes to preventing leaky gut and hormonal imbalance and to support our body's detoxification. OF course, being a registered dietitian and someone who is passionate about fitness, movement and a proper diet are paramount to good health.

But what else can we do besides diet and exercise to support our health? This is where castor oil can come in to play as a key part of your wellness regimen.

Castor oil is an ancient oil that has been used for centuries as a carrier oil, oil of remedies, and anointing. Ancient Egypt, Indian Ayurveda, the Mediterranean basin, and China are all known for using castor oil. It was even mentioned a few times in the Bible as an anointing oil and if often termed, the "Palm of Christ" because of it's "healing" health properties and the shape of the plant's leaves.

So, how can Castor Oil aid with detoxification, gut health, and hormone balance?

Castor Oil for Detoxification

As people of a moderate culture and diet, it is of utmost importance that we have proper detoxification. And no, I don't mean drinking "skinny" detox teas that are supposed to make your "tummy flat". Those don't work. I am talking about supporting our liver and lymphatic system to separate the toxins that are consume from what actually needs to be absorbed in the body. Then excreting those toxins from our body. I talk and will continue to discuss this a lot on my blog and social medias. The difference between having a high or low toxic load in your body can determine whether we develop diseases, improve our cognitive function, or maintain vitality in a toxic world.

Castor oil can be used as a supportive tool for liver detoxification, especially if you are detoxing with dietary measures or fasting. Castor oil supports the liver because it penetrates very well into the skin, making its way to the liver when it is worn as a pack on the abdomen. Once reaching the liver, it has the potential to help detox by stimulating your lymph and liver function by increasing your lymphocyte count. This can help normalize enzymes in the liver. Castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that encourages the movement of chemical energy in the body, contributing to detoxification. This is why caster oil is such as great carrier oil

Castor oil packs can be used throughout the entire life cycle. They are supportive in all conditions (except pregnancy!) and they are not contraindicated with any medications.

Castor Oil for Gut Health

Castor oil is great for the gut. Much research has been done on castor oil and many have found that it can work as a milk laxative or stool softener, without the cramps or discomfort that over-the-counter medications cause. It can also help with bloating by decreasing inflammation around the gut area where most castor oil packs are worn. The main component of Castor Oil, ricinoleic acid, is similar in structure to prostaglandins in our bodies that reduce inflammation. Less core inflammation = less bloating!

According to research done in periodontal medicine, Castor Oil is one of the only natural substances that’s able to aid breakdown of biofilm. Biofilm is from environmental toxins that can enter the body through poor diet or products. Decreasing the amount of biofilm in the gut can help with growth of good bacteria in the gut. Not only does castor oil improve the gut bacteria but it can also improve the host bacteria that is in the mouth when castor oil is used for oil pulling, where you swish around castor oil or coconut oil in your mouth to pull biofilm and improve oral health.

Castor Oil for Hormone Balance

Using castor oil to help with gut health as well as liver detoxification can support your hormones. This is because hormone balance depends on estrogen balance as well as cortisol balance. Estrogen, especially in PCOS and endometriosis patients, is usually extremely high. To get rid of excess estrogen that your body may be holding on to, you must support your body's detoxification. Hormones such as estrogen can be excreted from the body through feces, sweat, and lymphatic drainage. Supporting your liver and gut with castor oil is a great way to achieve this.

Using castor oil packs is super relaxing. The pressure from wrapping the pack around your abdomen can support relaxation. This can, in turn, help with cortisol levels. Supporting your gut with castor oil packs is also a great way to help with glucose control, which can also affect cortisol.

Castor oil is usually worn as a pack with 100% cotton fabrics being the main material of the pack itself. Packs are usually worn around the abdomen at night before or while sleeping. Castor oil packs can also be worn during lifestyle practices such as exercising, light therapy, or sauna to enhance liver cleansing. For best results, make sure that you are wearing your castor oil pack for more than 1 hour at a time. This is why overnight use is so efficient and effective.

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