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5 Different Uses of Castor Oil for Health

Get Your Money's Worth Out of Your Castor Oil!

The castor oil pack is one of the oldest healing practices. From Traditional Chinese Medicine to Indian Ayurveda to modern Naturopathic Medicine, it has with- stood the test of time for centuries in cultures all over the globe.

The first use of castor oil dates back to embalming and lighting oil lamps in Ancient Egypt. It’s also mentioned throughout the Bible as an anointing oil. The castor oil pack ritual was popularized in North America in the early 1900s by Edgar Cayce, a famed spiritual healer who would intuit healing protocols for his patients.

Castor oil packs can be used throughout the entire life cycle. They are supportive in all conditions (except pregnancy!) and they are not contraindicated with any medications.

Castor oil packs can be worn all over the body for different benefits, but to get the most systemic effects, they are traditionally worn over the liver.

5 Different Ways that Castor Oil Can be Used for Self Care:

Castor Oil Packs for Gut and Liver Support

Castor oil is traditionally worn as a pack with the oil covering a 100% organic cotton clothe and being worn over the liver and abdomen. This practice helps to stimulate enzymes in the liver and gut from castor oil's fatty acids and healing properties. I talk more about castor oil used for gut and liver health here. Castor oil can be used to help support liver detoxification and gut health by acting as a mild laxative.

Castor Oil for Thyroid Support

Just like with liver and gut health, Castor oil can be used in the same way to support thyroid health. Thyroid glands as well as surrounds lymph nodes can benefit from castor oil being worn as a pack over the neck area. In functional medicine, many with thyroid dis-orders wear castor oil over their thyroid glands. This would be a good practice for someone with Hashimoto's hyper-thyroid, or other conditions to use in their daily routine along with proper diet and exercise.

Oil Pulling for Oral Health

Usually, we see people who do oil pulling for oral health do it with coconut oil, but castor oilis even more effective. Castor oil is a great carrier oil and can help get rid of biofilm that can accumulate in our mouths, especially if some of us sleep with our mouths open or just simply talk a lot. Oil pulling can also help with bad breath and white teeth. Next time you oil pull, try it with your castor oil instead!

Hair Growth with Castor Oil

Castor oil is known for its ability to help with hair growth! I have ordered so many serums in the past that help with hair growth, such as for balding spots on your head to your eyelashes. Castor oil is always included on the ingredient lists for these hair growth oils.I have been oiling my hair for a while now. It is currently all the rage. Castor oil is the perfect oil to use as a hair mask as well as putting it on your eyelashes and brows.

Essential Oil use with Castor Oil

As I said before, castor oil is a great carrier oil. That is why it is so good when it is used with the body. At this moment, I am not a big essential oil user, but I do know many women who use essential oils daily for health and support. Castor oil is a great oilis use with essential oils when you are wanting to use then on the body. This is why many natural cosmetic products are used with castor oil.

I hope this information with was helpful, and the next time you are wanting to use castor oil, remember all of the amazing uses that it has! You can really stretch your dollar and make it worth your while in invest in some high quality castor oil to use daily for health and beauty.


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