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How to Identify Signs of a Hormonal Imbalance + How to Heal

These days, it seems like everyone has some sort of hormonal imbalance-- even men! With women having insulin resistance, hair growth, infertility, or men having no sex drive, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction at alarmingly low ages, it is hard to know if testosterone and estrogen bottoming out or skyrocketing. We are in a state of crisis when it comes to our health and hormones. It makes me nervous to just imagine how things will be in 10 to 20 years if things continue to progress.

So, why is it important to pay attention to your hormones? Well, hormones regulate almost every function in the body. If your hormones are out of sorts, then so is your health. They are one and the same. And what may not concern you now with your hormones, may turn into an autoimmune issue or hormone disorder if preventative measures are not taken. Or maybe dis-ease and disorders in your body have already developed and have been diagnosed. Maybe you have been told that you will never carry children in your womb because of PCOS or endometriosis. Maybe you cannot lose weight because of hypothyroidism. Maybe you have just not been able to get a grib on your anger when it comes to telling your husband to take out the trash and you both cannot figure out why the smallest inconveniences trigger you and since you into a spiral of anger for reasons unknown. You KNOW it's the hormones.

I don't think I have to point this out to someone that has come all the way over to my corner of the internet for insight, but poor health and relationships because of bad hormone balance is no way to live.

That is why I have made this post. Just for you. I am so glad you are here. This takes a light look into hormones and how their imbalances present themselves in our bodies.

Signs of Estrogen Dominance

Heavy Periods



Water Retention


If you have PCOS, fibroids, or endometriosis-- you likely have estrogen dominance. This can be due to a variety of factors, but the most common reason for estrogen dominance is not that the body is making too much estrogen, but that the body is holding on to estrogen that should be naturally secreted through your detoxification pathways. This happens in the liver, lymph nodes, and digestive system mostly. If you want to see your estrogen dominance change, try supporting your natural detoxification pathways. I have many resources on my website for this. A great way to see if your diet and detoxification are working properly is through hormone testing.

Signs of Insulin Resistance


Inability to Concentrate



Excessive thirst or hunger

Skin issues or discoloration

Insulin resistance is often from chronically high blood sugar levels. This is because when we have a high blood sugar, insulin comes in to take up excess glucose and store it in the muscles or fat cells. Eating a diet high in carbohydrates and simple sugars cause insulin resistance. Your doctor may want to prescribe you medication for this but fixing this issues naturally through diet and exercise is much healthier. Try eating more protein, healthy fats, and incorporating strength training into your daily routine.

Signs of Testosterone Dominance

Oily Skin


Mood Swings

Weight Gain

Facial Hair

Decreased breast size

Many women struggle with this. Even those who are "healthy" and often lift weights and take a lot of supplements. Those who do not exercise or eat healthy can and often do have higher testosterone as well. PCOS, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, and other conditions can be cause of higher testosterone as well as poor diet.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Low Libido

Lack of Energy + Zeal for Life

Losing muscle tone + athleticism


Thinning hair

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Vaginal Dryness


The cause of low testosterone can be very ambiguous and often would be beneficial for clients to get tested further to see what the root cause of low testosterone is. Chronic inflammation can often cause hormones to not be utilized efficiently. Too much estrogen or chronic use of corticosteroids can cause testosterone dysfunction.

Signs of Cortisol Imbalance

Chronic Fatigue

Weight Gain or Trouble Losing Weight

Caffeine Cravings

Sugar Cravings


High blood pressure



Cortisol imbalances may be the most common among the hormonal dysfunctions. Cortisol can be linked to too many things. Often simple issues such as over-use of caffeine, poor blood sugar control, stresses of life without resolve, or maybe even a mineral or vitamin dysfunction.

How to Heal Hormonal Imbalances

Identifying, correcting, and maintain hormone balance can be extre

mely challenging especially when you have similar symptoms between different types of hormonal imbalances. This is why it is so important to testing instead of guessing. I offer hormone testing with my DUTCH Hormone Test

that I offer to potential clients. Here we can test to see what hormone imbalances that you may have and we can work together to create a tailored protocol of foods and supplements to eat in order to correct your hormone imbalance. Always testing instead of guessing.

For further help with hormonal balance, lowering inflammation in the body, and all things health and non-toxic living. Sign up for my email list to hear about new posts, offerings, deal, and more!

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