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Adrenal Cocktail Recipes

Prep Time:

1 Minute

Cook Time:



1 Serving | Different Variations



About the Recipe

It is always a good time for a mocktail! I love drink concoctions that are also fabulous for our health! That is why I love the Adrenal Cocktails. It has really hit the internet hard in the last year or so. So many people are learning more about minerals and vitamins and why they are so important. Particularly for women's health since we often have thyroid issues or hormonal issues that are driven primarily by lack of nutrients found in our diets. The adrenal cocktail is a fun and easy way to add more minerals to your every day routine. This drink is originally built to have three major nutrients in it that give an energy boost to all: potassium, vitamin C, and sodium. Yes, sodium meaning salt can be used! If you eat a highly processed diet-- you likely have a lot of salt in your diet. But if you eat mostly whole foods that are not high in sodium and process, you could benefit from having sodium in your adrenal cocktail. I know that when I am training for something or I am in the midst of a hot day or strenuous workout routine, I need more salt in my diet. This drink has been amazing for me. I have also gotten my mom on the adrenal cocktail train as she is going through menopause and she reported that she has felt a difference after adding this to her routine!


  • 1 cup Coconut water (potassium)

  • 1/2 cup Orange Juice (Vitamin C)

  • 1/4 tsp Hamilayan Sea Salt or other mineral rich salt (sodium)

Add Ons!

  • Pomegranite Juice also has some potassium in it. It would be great to add a splash to this drink!

  • Cherry Juice is great for when you are in your period. Adding this in with the mix during your menstrual phase could help

  • Strawberries are actually HIGHER in vitamin C than oranges. I have made this with coconut water + frozen strawberries

  • Coconut milk could also be added to this drink if you don't mind the extra calories. and it would want that Dreamsicle flavor!



Blend together. Pour in to a cute gass. Look great, feel great! Easy!

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